DAY 11

Sunday 27. October


It’s dawn. Mohammed drives Sadiq up to a point about 3 km from the border separating Syria and Turkey. He tells Sadiq to run as fast as he can in that direction, as he points across the field. Osman will meet him on the other side. Sadiq start to run. They shoot at him, he can’t tell if it’s from the Syrian side, Turkish side or both. As a child soldier he managed to keep calm. He knows how to run with bullets flying past him. He runs into the forest, now in Syria. Here he is surrounded by men with AK-47s. He looks around, having no idea what Osman looks like, he has only his voice to go by. A man walks up to him, presents himself as Osman and Sadiq knows he’s with the right people. One man pulls a hood over his head. Another man gives him a AK-47. Then they lead him further in to Syria. He falls asleep on a small cot in Osman’s back yard.