DAY 14

Wednesday 30. October


Its expensive to travel around in a war zone. Everything cost money. Guns, food, shelter, body guards and most of all contacts. Its the contacts that makes you safe, that gives you the possibility to travel around and to meet people who can answer your questions. Sadiq needs more money quickly and in a war zone cash is king. Sadiq needs access to an ATM where his VISA card works, and the only ones that he has any hope of getting to is in Turkey. Which means he has to cross it. At the night between Osman and Sadiq drive up to what they have known as weak spots in the border. Its heavily guarded. They try to get access to it from another angle, again they are stopped by the guards. Five times, five different angles, five fails. Desperate, Sadiq calls Mohammed to figure out what is going on. Its getting late and he needs to cross the border soon if he should have any hope of doing it today.  

Mohammed takes his call. He doesnt have good news.  

Early that Tuesday an Egyptian boy has been caught trying to cross the border. Sadiq is never told which way the boy tried to escape. He was caught and, as makes common sense, the weak point where the Egyptian tried to cross is flooded by guards. It’s also the point where Sadiq was trying to cross. Mohammed has talked to his friends in the military. There is no point trying to cross today. Heart broken Sadiq and Osman goes back to Osman’s home.  

 Later in the day they go back to the border to try again. The guards are gone. Sadiq manages to successfully flee into Turkey. He is meet by a motorcycle that drives him 1.5 km to Mohammed. He’s waiting in a car and rives bin to Reyanliah. Here he gets the cash he needs. But when he tries to get back late at night the guards are back. It’s not possible to get back into Syria. Sadiq has to travel to a close by town, Reyanliah, to bide his time.