Friday 25. October


Sadiq and Mohammed visit the local police station and explain what has happened. The local police tell them they haven’t received any notice of missing girls from Interpol or the Norwegian Police. Sadiq calls the liaison in Antalya. This doesn’t help as Sadiq angrily hangs up on him since the liaison is Danish and Sadiq doesn’t understand him. Sadiq visits the bar before going back to the hotel.

 Mohammed presents an idea to Sadiq since their trip to the police was a bust. He was contacts with some men in a human smuggling ring. Sadiq is blindfolded, placed in a car and driven to an unknown location. A form of black marked where there is smuggling of both people and items across the Turkey-Syria border. Here they ask him several questions about who he is looking for, before demanding 2000 US dollars from him (1000 for each of the girls) for information about if they can get them out. If that’s possible then 3000 dollars for each of them for the actual job. He refuses at first, but he observes other parents getting their children back. After a quick call to Sara they agree that they can’t stop at anything. He therefore agrees and pays 1000 dollars, with a promise to pay another 1000 dollars when he gets the information.

The girls cross the boarder in to Syria.