Only a father


The story.

In the autumn of 2013, the two daughters of Sadiq Abdallah Juma ran away from their home in Norway to Syria to join IS. The documentary follows the father's desperate attempt to get his daughters back to Norway. Father’s love drives him into Syria and captivity by IS. When in prison Sadiq is accused by IS of being a spy for Norwegian Secret Police. The penalty for that is beheading. After struggling for almost four years, he has not yet given up the hope of gathering his family back in Norway. But can he accept the radical choices of his daughters?

The two girls "Ayan" (19) and "Leila" (16) became famous in the autumn of 2013 when they were wanted by the police in Norway and by Interpol. Their story and radicalization process is documented in the book "Two Sisters" by Åsne Seierstad. It was the most sold book in Norway of 2016.

Read and watch Sadiq tell his story


The documentary is now available on Vimeo on demand, watch it here now.